November 6, 2013 – Breakfast meeting


 Obsession Bakery - Anne Fradette

Very nice and intimate meeting this morning. Anne Fradette-Brunet was meeting our group for the first time, and she was a BIG hit!!. Both Anne &  her husband, John left the corporate world, grueling hours and hard work of building businesses for others, to concentrating on their daughter Caroline’s dream which has taken their lives in such an awesome direction. It’s been such fun watching them take an idea, turn it into realty and then grow successfully.

Becoming the bakery of choice in less than 2 years in our little town is a great accomplishment. A nice added touch from Anne after presenting was that she offered everyone fresh cupcakes with our Networking Logo on them that Caroline got up early (at 5am) to make just for us!! You rock Caroline Brunet!!

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