Breakfast meeting – October 1, 2014 – Round Table event.

We changed the game a bit for this breakfast meeting. We were a small group of 13 and we did a round table whereas everyone had the opportunity to speak about their businesses for about 4-5 minutes. They could elaborate more in detail about what was new, or success they were having. Everyone was able to talk about their main strengths, WHO their target market is, and HOW we can help them to grow their businesses. It was great having 2 new businesses join us, and fun to see the connections being made around the table. We all left smiling, and feeling food this particular morning.    10345812_10152609627467517_7718455048431933986_n 10356704_10152609627622517_8787951124639486237_n 1800478_10152609627307517_1363230496172692662_n

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