April 17, 2013 – 5 à 7 meeting

Very intimate presentation by Marguerite Guérin. We learned how Shamanism covers a way of life for nearly all the indigenous people of the world.. For simplicity’ sake: Marguerite explains that Shamanism is a system of beliefs in the intera…ction between man & spirit. Marguerite offers many healing energy group & individual sessions.  Chakras balancing, Emotional Knot Cutting, Intuitive Chakra Reading, Feminine Sacred Space, Shamanic journey, Reiki, House Blessing, & Shamanic guide. She s also a Dream Coach & sessions are: Dream Circle, Dream Council, Dream Initiation, Dreams without borders, Dream coaching, Creative workshops. We were a small group that evening, but some of the best business comes from the smallest groups. The last 15 mins were very special Marguerite!IMG_1758 IMG_1759

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