April 3, 2013 – Breakfast meeting

Fantastic presentation by Patrick Sheehan & Michael Pugliese of Punch Mobility. I can see where this can benefit almost everyone in our networking group. Be sure to tell your friends, collegues, and contacts about this!! Michael advised tha…t there’s a special discount for all of our group members What We Do We help your business increase sales by enhancing your on line presence for mobile compatibility. We also enable you to market and interact directly with your customer base through their mobile phones and devices. We offer a turn-key solution that is easy to use and very affordable. Why Mobile ? Because the world has gone mobile” With more consumers relying on smart-phones and expecting to be recognized for loyalty, referrals and purchases, now is the time for small-business owners to put their mobile marketing strategies in place The Benefits Your customers are most likely carrying their mobile device with them, which means they can always receive messages. This is superior to other forms of marketing, whereby the audience has to be in a specific place to see a billboard or view an advertisement.

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